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MK's Reading Life

Lifelong passionate reader. Mysteries, Fantasy, and Non-Fiction of various sorts. Currently reading a fair amount focused on WWI and the interwar years. (I have no idea why.)

My Review Philosophy

If you are looking for plot synopses you won't find them in my reviews. I figure you can find these everywhere, and I'm not interested in writing a book report. What I look for in a review is the kind of info that will let me know if I will enjoy a book or not, so that's what I hope to write. I don't give a lot of 4 star ratings, and for 5 stars, the book has to be life changing. So, 3-3.5 is a good book I'm glad I read in my rankings. 


I'll try to keep my reviews short, perhaps pithy, hopefully entertaining but quick overviews of what I liked and what I didn't. But I will admit, excoriating a book is so much fun that it will happen from time to time, perhaps at length. However, I will still try to include enough useful detail that you can still decide that you should read it, because my tastes are not yours. (My models would be the New York Times movie reviewers, A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis. A high standard to shoot for.)


I hope you enjoy my reviews and find them of use.